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February 26, 2007

Juan Pierre or Rafael Furcal – Who Will Lead Off

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This story talks about the major dillema the Dodgers have because they have two “fast” players and nobody knows who should lead off.  With Furcal’s .369 OBP and Juan Pierre’s .330, I say it’s no contest and that Furcal should get the top spot.  In fact, even though Juan Pierre had 204 hits last year, I’d like to see him bat eighth.  That’s not going to happen but if he leads off an inning, gets on base, then steals second and then have the pitcher bunt him over to third, you have a nice little set up there.

February 23, 2007

Dodgers on Demand

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I got an email from the folks at Time Warner and they wanted me to pass on a message to you about a service called Dodgers on Demand.  If you’re a Dodgers fan, this is worth looking into.  Unfortunately, I don’t have digital cable (yes, I’m behind the times), but here’s a copy of the press release that details what you get.


 — Exclusive Content Includes Player Profiles, One-on-One Interviews and Behind-the-Scenes Features in English and Spanish – Only On Time Warner Cable —

LOS ANGELES—February 20, 2007:  Time Warner Cable, a subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. (NYSE: TWX), and the Los Angeles Dodgers today announced new exclusive Dodgertown spring training programming direct from Vero Beach, Florida.  Launched in August 2006, Dodgers on Demand gives sports fans year-round, behind-the-scenes access to their favorite baseball team.  Available to all Time Warner Cable digital customers at no additional cost, Dodgers on Demand can be found on Channel 1, under the “Local” folder. 

Starting tomorrow, new Spring Training content will include:

  • Vero Beach Report, a 5-7 minute segment featuring an extensive look inside spring training with updates several times a week
  • Inside Dodgers Baseball, a 10-minute segment featuring in-depth analyses and insights on players expected to make the opening day 25-man roster
  • Player Profiles and Features
  • One-on-One Interviews with players, coaches and Dodgers brass
  • Dodgers Rewind, weekly highlights featuring play-by-play calls from Dodgers broadcasters
  • My Dodgertown, a complete behind-the-scenes tour of the spring training complex and favorite hangouts of players and coaches in Vero Beach
  • A Rookie’s Journey, a first-hand account of players fighting to land a spot on the major league roster

Most content will be available in both English and Spanish.

“Time Warner Cable is proud to bring Dodgertown to LA fans for the very first time,” said Jeffrey Hirsch, president of the Los Angeles Metro Division for Time Warner Cable.  “With Dodgers on Demand, we can give Angelenos an all-access pass to Dodgers baseball starting with Spring Training, throughout the regular season and into the post-season.”



“Through Dodgers on Demand, we are able to bring all of the excitement of Spring Training to our Los Angeles fan base and allow fans the opportunity to get to know the players and connect with the team throughout the exhibition season,” said Marty Greenspun, COO, Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Los Angeles Dodgers
The Los Angeles Dodgers have represented the Los Angeles community since 1958. With a cumulative attendance of more than 172 million, the Dodgers have played before more fans than any other sports franchise in history.  Over the years, the team has made 23 postseason appearances and has won six world championships.  Visit the Dodgers on the Internet at

About Time Warner Cable
Time Warner Cable owns and manages cable systems serving 13.4 million subscribers in 33 states.  Passing approximately 26 million homes, Time Warner Cable includes some of the most technologically advanced and best-clustered cable systems in the country, with nearly 85 percent of the Company’s customers located in five geographic regions: New York, Texas, Ohio, the Carolinas and southern California.  Leveraging its leadership in innovation and quality customer care, Time Warner Cable delivers advanced products and services such as video on demand, high definition television, digital video recorders, high-speed data and Digital Phone.  Time Warner Cable is a subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. (NYSE: TWX).

February 18, 2007

Dodgers Minor League Coverage

by @ 7:12 pm. Filed under 2007 Season

Blogger Rich McMahon has recently started the Dodgers Minor League Baseball Blog which will cover all of the Dodgers’ minor league affiliates. Stop by and check it out as he’ll be discussing some of the Dodgers top prospects and keeping an eye on how they do this spring.

February 14, 2007

James Looney Crystal Ball

by @ 7:01 pm. Filed under 2007 Season

Prospect guru John Sickels recently wrote up his projections on how James Looney’s career will turn out.  It looks pretty encouraging, but he has most of Looney’s really good seasons with another team.  Still, .287 with 12 homeruns for a backup first baseman is pretty solid.

February 10, 2007

Randy Wolf Contract May be a Bargain

by @ 7:18 am. Filed under 2007 Season

I’ve mentioned this before, but in a lot of ways, the Dodgers taking a chance on Randy Wolf may have been a bigger signing then the huge deal they agreed to with Jason Schmidt.  With Schmidt, you expect an ace but Wolf is a wild card.  If Wolf bounces back and wins 15 games, then the $8 million we spent on him in 2007 was well spent, especially if he provides a third solid arm come playoff time. agrees with the assessment and thinks the Randy Wolf signing was a bargain.  I also agree that moving to pitcher friendly Dodger Stadium will do Wolf some good.

February 6, 2007

Dodgers Preseason Preview

by @ 7:05 pm. Filed under 2007 Season

With Jason Schmidt, I think the Dodgers are the team to beat in the National League West.  It’s nice to see someone agrees me as this is the final conclusion of the Dodgers preseason preview at  And that’s the story on the Dodgers.  The pitching should carry the team while the offense could struggle.  Losing Drew was a blow and Juan Pierre won’t fill that gap in the lineup but the kids the Dodgers brought up last year should provide some support in the lineup.

Conventional large brass exterior doors are quite the thing of past. Today, people are more interested in sliding, revolving or folding doors. A few old should still like the openings with a fancy pet door at the bottom.

February 1, 2007

Randy Wolf’s Offseason Program

by @ 6:26 am. Filed under 2007 Season

Jayson Stark at recently did a profile on Dodgers starting pither Randy Wolf’s offseason workout program.  He was a shining star on the Phillies staff until his career was derailed due to injuries.  In a lot of ways, the Randy Wolf signing could be bigger then the Jason Schmidt signing because from Schmidt, you know what you’re going to get.  If Wolf can show flashes of 2003 season, the Dodgers will have a huge bargain and another vital cog in their starting rotation.


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