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November 22, 2011

Matt Kemp Finishes Second In NL MVP

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I think Kemp got robbed.  He finished second in the MVP voted behind Ryan Braun.  This was clearly a case of Braun getting more recognition because his team was better.  Kemp got 10 first place votes, sixteen second place votes and six third place votes.  This compared to Braun’s 20 first place votes and 12 second place votes.  Prince Fielder came in third and he got one first place vote and Justin Upton came in fourth and he also had a first place vote.

Clayton Kershaw came in twelfth in the voting.  He got as high as a fifth place vote and he was named on eleven ballots.  No other Dodger received a vote, which wasn’t too surprising for the mediocre season the team had.

Kemp got his payday too.  Now we just have to hope he can carry all of this over to next year.  Heck, for the next decade.  You’d hope this does wonders for Dodgers tickets sales too.  You figure with the Dodgers locking up Kemp, that’s worth a piece of those tickets by themselves.

November 18, 2011

Dodgers Lock Up Matt Kemp for Eight Years

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The Dodgers may have a defacto owner but they locked up one of the best players in 2011 for the forseeable future.  The Dodgers signed Matt Kemp to an eight year, $160 million deal today.  This is the biggest contract in the team’s history and it surpasses the $105 million deal they have Kevin Brown back in 1998.  If Kemp doesn’t win the MVP this year, then he got robbed.

Kemp gets a $2 million signing bonus an while he’ll make just $10 million in 2012, it goes up quite a bit from there.  He’ll make $20 million in 2013, $21 million in 2014 and 2015 then $21.5 million from 2016 through 2019.  It’s the biggest deal ever given to a National League player and the seventh largest deal ever in either league.

Kemp made just under $7 million in 2011 which was quite the bargain for what we got out of him.  It’ll fun seeing him in a Dodgers uniform for years to come.

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