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January 30, 2012

Dodgers Top Eleven Prospects

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Kevin Goldstein released his list of the top eleven Dodgers prospects and it’s an interesting one.  First off, there’s no five star guys and only one four star prospect.  The good news is, you have a boat load of three star guys and while there’s not a lot of star talent, there’s plenty of guys who could pan out and play a supporting role on a good team.

Zach Lee is the top guy and he’ s the four star.  The problem with him, like a lot of other Dodgers prospects, is that they’re several years away.  Lee had a solid season at Low-A and he’ll be tested at High-A in 2012.  Still, it’ll be fun watching this first round draft pick and he moves up the ladder.

Nathan Eovaldi is one of the guys who’s closest to making his big league impact and he’s number two on the list.  He pitched for the Dodgers in 2011 and he had a nice showing at Double-A but he may be the odd man out with all of the arms the Dodgers signed in the offseason.

Another pitcher, Allen Webster, is third.  He’s probably a year away but he’s a good minor league season away from pitching for the Dodgers.  Left hander Chris Reed and righthander Garrett Gould round out out the top five.

January 17, 2012

Dodgers Sign Two, Swap Salary Figures With Clayton Kershaw

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The Dodgers signed two of their arbitration eligible players but Clayton Kershaw is the big elephant in the room.  Kershaw is asking for $10 million after his Cy Young season while the Dodgers are looking for $6.5 million.  This isn’t going to end well for the Dodgers so my guess is they settle pretty soon.  I just hope they get a deal done before Kershaw gets too annoyed.

Andre Ethier and James Loney both signed.  Etheir signed a $10.95 million deal while Ethier will make $6.375.  For a team that has an owner that’s on the financial ropes, the team seems to be throwing a lot of money around.  At least these are only one year deals though although I’d like to see them lock up Kershaw next year to a longer team deal.  I’m hoping that’s the first priority of the new owner.

January 5, 2012

Dodgers Sign Mike MacDougal to One Year Deal

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Mike MacDougal was one of the bigger surprises for the Dodgers in 2011.  He came back from a rough 2010 season and threw 57 innings with 41 strikeouts and a 2.05 ERA.  He had a nice season in 2008 in his final year with the White Sox but 2009 and 2010 were rough campaigns.

It’s only for $1 million so there’s not a lot of risk and if he has another nice season, there’s a 2013 option.  The Dodgers have quite a few bullpen options but this signing gives the Dodgers some extra depth at a low cost.

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