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February 19, 2013

Betting tips on the LA Dodgers in this season’s MLB

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Lots of baseball fans love betting on the sport – both individual matches in the MLB and the overall winner – but like other types of sports betting, gambling on baseball can sometimes be made harder by the emotional attachment fans feel to their team. As we all know, successful betting tends to need a cool head, which is difficult when it comes to your team, so how is this likely to affect fans of the LA Dodgers when it comes to betting on their side’s chances in this season’s MLB?

Well the Dodgers are actually rated pretty strongly for both the National League and the World Series itself, with many sites having them amongst the hot favourites for the former in particular. You can get odds as low as 4/1 on the Dodgers for the National League pennant, but if these are too low, there are also sites offering 9/2 – and they would probably be a good bet at those odds. Again when it comes to the World Series, the Dodgers are considered amongst the favourites at most sites (alongside the likes of the Tigers, Angels and Nationals) with odds in the region of 9 or 10/1 at most of the betting sites. If these are too low to tempt you, it is also possible to get 17/2 on them, and for fans and neutrals alike, that might prove irresistible.

Of course once you have placed your bet, you’ve just got to see how things pan out, which can be tough – but one way to take your mind off this is to play the baseball themed slot Hot Shot at This baseball slot really makes you feel like you are out there in the middle of a stadium, with the sound of cheering (or murmuring – depending on how well you do) crowds and the bat hitting the ball. It also has baseball reel icons, like catchers’ mitts, pitchers and baseball hats, alongside the best features of slots like cheap play and a great maximum jackpot. All in all it’s a pretty good way of taking your mind off the progress of the Dodgers once you have bet on them.

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