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February 28, 2009

It's Time to Buy Some Dodgers Tickets

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Well, it’s that time of year again.  Single game tickets will be going on sale soon and since I’m not a season ticket holder, I usually pick out five games then I buy a block of four so I can either bring the kids or some friends.  My wife likes to shop for clothes, I like to shop for baseball tickets.


The first thing I usually look for in Dodgers tickets are the rivalries.  You know who those are.  The Yankees aren’t coming to town but you always have the Giants and while that match up isn’t what it used to be, the Giants open up Dodger Stadium this year.  I’m not optimistic enough to know I’ll get opening day tickets, but I plan on going to at least one of the two night games following the home opener.


And speaking of the Yankees, it sure would be nice to make a weekend trip to see the new Yankees ballpark.  I know it’s a tough economy these days, but Yankees tickets will probably still be one of the toughest seats to find.  Independence Day is on a Saturday this year so I’ll probably have Friday off so that would be a perfect weekend.  I just know that while most Yankee games will be sold out, the ones surrounding a holiday weekend will be an even tougher find.


Of course if we’re going to New York, we’ll have to make some other plans.  I always like to check out the local music and sports blog for the area we’re traveling too just so we have some ideas as to what we might want to do.  It’d be really cool to see a great concert in NY.  U2 would be very cool but not only is it impossible to get cheap U2 tickets, they’re out of the country until this fall.


I wonder if people who travel to Los Angeles do the same thing.  I mean, I know what to do in Los Angeles, but to a lot of people, it’s a city of mystery.  You’ve got the business district and if you wanted the waterfront scene, you could always go to Long Beach or even Newport Beach.

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